Saturday, January 2, 2010

The night view from our campsite

December 28
We went camping at Mount Kidd RV campgroud and what a beautiful park it was!
We spent part of the day in Canmore, dropped off Bill and Lou's skis for the bases to be done. The guys were impressed with the homemade BRDs.
I was surprised by the amount of winter campers at the park. There was a great main building with a hottub and showers and a nice common room. It was really great to see families out winter camping together.
I went for a short walk after dark and could not believe how beautiful and bright it was out. The mountains didn't look real it looked like a backdrop for a movie or something. I am so grateful to be here!

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  1. Absolutely beautiful Debbie! They say "the mountains shall bring peace to all who view them" I think that saying if very true. They are truly magnificent!