Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bill at Doheny State Beach

January 30,2010
Got up this morning and biked to Dana Point. They have a ton of bike paths along the highway here. There are lots of road bikers. It is just crazy have traffic wizzing by you on the highway and then you have this crazy train track right next to you with trains flying by and the whole time you are trying to dodge all the bikers on the path...TOO MANY PEOPLE!!!! The train tracks are literally right on the have to be watching all the time for trains.
The shore break was really something to see this morning. I have never seen waves break right at the shore like that.
We moved our trailer to Doheny State Beach. We were the first ones in line to get into the park as they have been closed the whole week trying to clean up after the storm. We are right on the more driving back and forth and I can just get up in the morning and go for a run. I am trying to work up my nerve to try some surfing myself...It just looks a little scary to me...can't be any harder than Maui right?? I will have a better look tomorrow...
Bill had fun on his stand up this afternoon.

Mom or dad if you read this let us know where you are.....Mom you would be really proud of me...on our bike ride this morning I hit a garage sale with a bunch of new release movies....we bought 14 movies for $14....thank god we dont have to watch any more CSIs that was all we had to watch.....

Hope everyone is good back home....How are my work buddies???


  1. Bill&Debb
    Joan and I have been following your trip.Sounds great.What weather you guys have been having,after this Hatteras will be a breeze.Bill when I was in Calif. I use to body surf alot an the waves would drop you right on the beach!!!Keep the blog going.See you in Hatteras.Bob&Joan

  2. Hi Deb

    We're all doing fine here. Miss you though! busy as usual. Nice to read all your adventures on here. It sounds like the weather is finally cooperating with you. Have fun!

  3. Hi Bill and Deb
    We are in Myrtle Beach now and it is raining pretty hard so today will be a slow day. Out to the mall this afternoon and your Mom will play bingo tonight
    Your folks