Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 14/10
We decided to stay in Rossland an extra day and ski with Hendrick. Keith called and gave us a 2 for 1 pass which was very nice of him. Henrick skiied with me the whole day and gave me some great tips. What a fantastic instructor he is. I wish I could stay a week and spend more time with him. Red is definately a serious mountain. It is steep and there are lots of trees...which I am working on. Henrick said not to look at the trees, but where I want to place my turns...sounds easy right?

We spent the night in the Red parking lot again...they haven't come around to collect their $10 the last 2 nights....

January 15,16/10
Made it all the way to Hood River Oregon. The drive was very nice and great conditions. It was snowing and zero when we left Rossland and after driving for about 5 hours it actually went as high as 17 degrees. It was around 10 degrees when we hit Hood River. No snow at all in Oregon and only traces in Washington.

For those of you who don't know about Hood is a huge windsurfing area. Guys sail all year round in the gorge. There are lots of shops here and we are just waiting for them to open. Bill is gone to get the oil changed as we have driven close to 7000km.

We are going to head for California....still trying to decide how much time to spend in Mexico and how much time we need to ski in Utah.....and how we are going to fit everything in between....grand canyon, seeing friends, hikes...etc....

Please send us some comments and let us know how things are back home. Our email is kind of acting up, so it is better to use this.



  1. Deb
    You are amazing!! So proud of you and you are just starting your adventure. House is wonderful so enjoying myself in it.
    Thanks again
    Love Carrie Ann

  2. Happy New Year Bill & Deb!! It took me a little bit to figure out how to post comments... Sonya says thank you for the post card.
    Update from Tiffany Court:
    Robert came home today with a silver metal from the Silver Stick tourney down south,
    Nick & Tyler are enjoying snow boarding,Kirsten we haven't seen but I figure that means she is busy with Ringuette, Alison & Mike (our next door neighbours had a baby boy last Sunday)Sonya ending up breaking two the three bones in her elbow off(ulna & radius)the Thursday Dec.17 afternoon at school and the Friday morning you were leaving we were heading to CHEO with her to have her left elbow operated on... 2 hr surgery but she is doing okay... we head to CHEO again this Friday with her this will be our second follow up...she only had the cast on for 3 wks and now she is just in a sling and is to be getting her arm moving again but I will update you after our next visit to CHEO on her progress...She might be done hockey for the season but Sonya told the surgeon that she plans to play in the provincials with the rest of her team in early April but we told her that the doctors have the final say ...if they say she can I may have to wrap her in bubble wrap from head to toe LOL!!
    Take care,

    Patti, Brad & Sonya

  3. Call Detroit, tell them bullsh*t.

  4. Glad you guys are having a Kootenay experience. Great area and when it snows the area is that much more it appears you know!

    Have fun in Cali!

  5. Thrilling and scary to read your avalanche story. You both are incredible! You and Bill should be on that t.v. show -The Amazing Race or Survivor - I think you have them all beat.
    I am just in awe at your sense of adventure and courage.
    You are missed - can't believe you have already been gone a month. Its dull and slushy and quite mild this week in N.B. Good for running though as the pavement is bare in most spots. It looks beautiful where you are.