Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20, 2010

Well we made it to San Diego and didn't see anything the whole way here. For those of you who are following the weather....California is a mess....We drove through LA today and there is lots of flooding and mudslides.

We are just holding up here. We are both getting really tired of the rain and high winds. It has been hard on us to be stuck in the van or trailer all the time when we are used to being outside so much. We also feel like we missed out on seeing we are not sure we can go to Mexico as the road might be washed out.

Have you heard anything Janice or Jerry?

Maybe Tahoe was the better choice....

Might go to the San Diego Zoo you think any animals are crazy enough to hang out in this weather?


  1. Hi Deb & Bill,
    I cannot believe the weather you guys are running into. It's pretty mild here as well. They are calling for rain on Monday. Hope things get better for you soon. Just wanted to say thanks to Bill for the clothes. Both my brothers benefited. It was great to talk to you last week. Miss you lots!!
    Take care and we will pray that the weather gets better!!!! Love the pictures you've been posting. It's great to follow you along.
    Lisa and gang

  2. Hey Bill and Deb,
    Sounds like fun in CA. Here is the email address of my friends in San Diego. Their names are Andy and Jasmine and they live in La Jolla near Pacific Beach. Jasmine's email is I surfed with them this August and down in Nicaragua in April. Tell them that you know me and that I gave you their contact info. Their very nice and wouldn't mind showing you around from a local perspective should you get held up longer than anticipated. Could probably even go surfing at their local hot spots.

    Later dude and dudette.
    Steve-0 the DirtBag.

  3. Hope you get some Texas sunshine soon.