Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 17,2010
Very wet, very windy drive....We decided to make a bee line for Mexico, but we hit a high wind advisory and we were forced to pull over. We stopped at Mount Shasta CA at a KOA and it poured non-stop the whole time we were there. I just can not believe how much rain we have seen! It looks like the whole state of California is in for some bad weather for the next 10 days. We might need a plan B!!

Thanks for the update on Sonja and the kids on the Street Patty! Can you give me everyones address # so I can fire off some more post cards to the kids. Tx

Thanks to my secret friends at work....I have enjoyed the coffee cards, coffee thermos, games you put together for us to try in the car (my favorite is the "hey cow", hand warmers (really came in handy), warm/cozy handmade comforters, St. Christopher medal which I have worn everyday, phone cards and for my bracelet and necklace that I wear on dress up days!

Michel (Coach) are you watching the weather? You always explain to me what is going on with the weather patterns...


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