Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jan 8/10
Another day in paradise....We met up with another avalanche expert to find out where to go today. He sent us on another tour. Equally beautiful. We had a nice lunch outside and actally skiied from Alberta to BC twice in one day which is kind of funny. We really wish we had more time to spend here, but we are off to meet our friend Steve in Fernie and to give ourselves an extra day to get over to Rossland for our course.
We didn't get away until around 4:30 and headed to Pincher Creek, the weather again was not co-operating with us....darn it....blowing, blowing, blowing....actually it is blowing 80-100km....and it was getting dark and you could see the ice shining on the road and we was just too much...we spent the night on the side of the road and you can imagine how much our trailer shook and banged around. It is just so wide open and flat here there is no way to get out of it until we get right into the mountains. We only slept for a couple of hours.
Jan 9/10
We met Steve at around 10:00am and skiied the day at Fernie. The conditions were not very good as it was still windy and the hill was skiied out and very icy. I didn't have much fun there. I guess I am getting spoiled by so much time in the backcountry.

PS.Mom and Dad Steve says "hello"...He just asked me if you still remember him? How could you forget him after him eating 3 helpings of Thanksgiving dinner at your house. His appetite is still the same even though he is done biking across Canada.

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