Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 18, 2010
Drove through some more challanging weather...very windy...

Stopped and did some shopping in Woodland California....(not my kind of shopping). We bought chains for the van and trailer, a small Honda generator ($739 dad) and some van parts...We heard Lake Tahoe might be getting 5-10 feet of snow...called our friend Jim who lives there and he says it is going to be epic, but we might not get there with our trailer...we practiced putting the chains on in the Walmart parking lot...they seem to work well...better to figure them then on the road!

hmmm.....Mexico???Tahoe??? Better sleep on it!

Got asked to move from the Walmart we were at, but they gave us the address of another Walmart we could go to.

Good night

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  1. The things you have done in a WalMart parking lot!!!!!!

    Miss ya give me a call some day.

    Love Nancy