Friday, January 22, 2010

Mexican Highway

Well we are still hanging out at the trailer park in San 3 today. At least we are safe here....We are surrounded by really big coaches...we are definately the smallest rig here. I just can't believe the weather we are seeing....frightening really....just when you think there is hope and you might get to do something bam!! Bill and I just went for a short 25 minute jog before dinner to pick up our van we had to leave at a public park down the road because a water line broke right in front of the campground we are staying there is not enough water flooding everything already?? we just got back and it started to hail....huge....Bill and I have never seen hail like that.

On a more positive note we went to 4 museums yesterday...the natural history museum, air & space, history of man & an art can imagine how happy Bill was about that..not exactly his bag. Tried to go to the San Diego Zoo today but was told at the gate that all the animals have been hiding all week so if we didn't want to see empty stalls and maybe some poo to not bother spending our money. We drove by Sea World and it was closed.

I guess we won't be going to Mexico any time soon. Some of the roads washed out and some bridges are done, so we need to go to plan B whatever that is. We should have listened to that coin we flipped as it told us to go to highway 15 is closed and we can't get there. It could be worse we could be in Mexico...see attached photos....

We don't have TV, so we can't see how bad things are in LA.

Please drop us a that seems to be our only entertainment right now!

Deb & Bill


  1. Cueball says...Texas sunshine is great. 83F but windy. Won 4 out of 4. Cueball's DW went to Mexico today and toured. Come here and bike ride. Sail SPI for a while.

  2. Deb and Bill..The skiing at Nordic is good dsepite our minimal amount of snow . I skied the Green trail after my Wednesday lesson with the University class and I plan to ski it today , Saturday . Hopefully twice as our weather is supposed to turn wet .Rain is in the forecast for Sunday pm and Monday am so I will take advantage of sun and blue sky today . Hang in , the weather will change , after all you are not on a short holiday . Stay dry , be safe . Coach

  3. We are glad to hear you guys aren't in Mexico! As for here the temperature is -8 & sunny!! We haven't had snow since early January.
    Sonya had another follow up and once she can straighten her arm she has the all clear to play hockey again.
    Take care & be safe!
    B,P & S

  4. It is too bad you did not have room for a boat when you were packing, maybe you need to get the boards out and sail and sail down to Mexico.

    all is well here, we had a beautiful sunny day, the snow was melting, but it has clouded over now, I guess the rain is on its way.

    Started my training for Disney, but it is slow going up to 5 km on the treadmill. Have a long way to go.

    Visited with Grandma today, she is just loving her new home, she loves the people, the food and her room. She has settled in nicely and we have got the services organized so she has someone coming in and out all the time.

    You will have to publish your blog when you get home, it's a blast to read it.

    Take care and be same

    Love Nancy

  5. Deb and Bill
    Hi guys...really enjoying following your trip...what a great adventure...hope the weather changes for you.
    Deb I finally started running again...I will let you know how long that keeps up..maybe Sarah will run with me until you get back!!!
    things are still busy with volleyball and hockey around here and slowly still unpacking!!!!
    keep blogging we love it...
    stay safe

  6. This is quite the adventure you're on. Time is on your side, so make the best of it.

    Booked a 15 day European tour in May, so something to look forward to. I don't think I've ever booked anything so far in advance !!!

    Just love reading your blog, keep the adventures coming!!!

    Take care and be safe.


  7. Deb and Bill..
    Sunday am and caught sunrise on the Green ..The weather is changing so I got in another good ski ..26 Km . The skating was amazing ..Really enjoying your blog .. I am jealous but ..not really , as I don't think I could handle your pace . Be safe ..Michel

  8. Hey Deb,
    I am enjoying reading your posts, I hope the weather changes for you guys soon so that you can get out and do some stuff.
    Things are good here, I am still doing the personal training, going twice a week, I love it!! Have gotten up to 3k on the treadmill, maybe I will get to 5k sometime soon.
    Looking forward to reading more as your trip goes on. Enjoy and be safe!!
    Miss you,