Wednesday, January 6, 2010

January 6, 2010

We are on our way to waterton to do some skiing and spend the night.

We got to visit with our friend Steve aka..dirtbag...who is going to met us in Fernie for the weekend. Should be fun!

We are heading over to Rossland for an avalanche course next Tuesday, Wednesday and we apparently will be having an amazing teacher/guide so no worries. I am sure they will be extra careful seeing as a guy got caught in an avalanche and died there earlier this week. He was in a bad area and the avalanche report was considerable. We would not be taking those chances...

I will try and update you later in the week, if I can find a computer.

It was really hard saying good-bye to Steph, Lou and Payton this morning. We will sure miss seeing them everyday.
PS Lisa I have tried to call you at home several times and keep getting a busy signal. I called boxing day, new year's eve, new years day??? I will keep trying. I miss you guys


  1. Hi Deb & Bill
    Not sure what's happening with the phone. No problems at our end, wish I could have talked to you. Anyway, hope you had a Merry Christmas and looks like the New Year is starting off great for you guys. Enjoy!!!!
    It's great to be able to follow your journey!!

  2. Hi Bill and Deb..
    Enjoy your avalanche course and , be safe . Coach

  3. Watching the weather... man it looks cold in those mountains,