Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19, 2010
Wow! What a night? I thought for sure when I got up this morning I was in Hatteras? The trailer shook all night..we actually got up around 2:00 and moved to another spot in the parking lot that was more protected. It was rainy and blowing so hard...just like Hatteras! 100km an hour...where are you Janice????

We got up and started trying to make the tough decision of heading for the border or heading to see Jim in Tahoe....looked weather up on computer, ski conditions, road conditions, flipped a coin 3 times and decided to run for the border and see Jim on our way back. We really wanted to drive down the coast of California, but the winds are too high and it is hailing in San Fran....We just hoped on Hwy 5 and drove all the way to LA (home of Jeff the dude Lebowski).

We plan on going to San Diego tomorrow and set up our paper work etc...to head into Mexico...




  1. World Class sacrifice giving up that Tahoe snow. Your scarifice should be rewarded well in Mexico with guaranteed wind, waves and sunshine down there. Safe travels down South.

  2. wow - ejoying you adventure along with you. Not the same sitting in front of the computer to do it!!! Update here - Alex broke his right arm (elbow) (too bad it is his writing arm) & no I did not beat him up this time. He slipped on ice @ school. Adam is heading to St Pete's for gr 9 in fall - can you believe it!
    We miss you alot!
    Send our love, Andrea R.,Adam & Alex