Thursday, April 29, 2010

We miss you already!!!!!!!!!!

Some of the gang..

John 77
Still windsurfing and a ski instructor!
Oscar with Amy!

Memorial for Charlie..
April 25, 2010
Happy Birthday Shannon!!!
Nance and I went for a walk towards the ocean and got caught in a rain storm. Bill came to our rescue. We did a little shopping today and I took Nancy to a pow-wow. We got invited into the circle and took part in a friendship dance…. it was cool. I love the drum music …we could hear it from our campsite.
Bill and I took Nancy out for a seafood diner for her last evening here. We got back early in time to see the sunset and have one last campfire together.
April 26, 2010
Drove Nancy back to the airport this morning. We left around 8:00 and I got back around 3:30. The GPS quit on me right after I dropped her off. I knew I was heading the wrong way, so I pulled off and restarted it and got back on track. I had to do that a couple of times on the way back…so frustrating.
I think Nancy really enjoyed her time here. Not exactly a 5 star resort, but she met some 5 star friends!
We all had a nice dinner together and everyone was happy after a great day of sailing.
We have missed you Kyle & Catrina!! I keep looking over at your spot expecting you to be there. I kept telling Bill on the way here that Kyle and I were going to celebrate our 40th together here as we missed Kyle’s party in Maine…..
April 27, 2010
Another great day of sailing!! A perfect last day for Janice & Jerry and Jon & Maria.
Sure is going to be quiet here tomorrow….Hard to watch everyone leave, but we will see Janice and Jerry in Cape Cod next month and I think Jon & Maria are going to be there for the long weekend in May. That will make us 3 for 3 Jon…March, April & May..
Great campfire…incredible moonlight….Oscar made everyone smores…He is just too cute!
April 28, 2010
Big storm last night….not much sleep…big wind, big thunder & lightening!!
Waved good bye to J&J from bed…brrr….helped Jon & Maria with Oscar and Willa, so they could pack up. Bill did pretty good with Willa…I was impressed…
Very windy again today and looks like it might stay that way for another week. The North Bay gang is coming to Rodanthe this weekend so we might spend another week here.
We went to the ocean tonight with Bob and Joan to watch the full moon rise. It was very magical…the waves were crashing on shore and the lighthouse was lighting up the water. The firey red light came right up from the ocean and then ducked behind a cloud and lite up the whole sky , then it turned orange then yellow as it climbed into the sky….it only took me 40 years to watch that happen from start to finish!!!
Please drop us a line and let us know how everyone is….

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gerry kiting

Nancyon the stand up paddle board. I told her she wouldn't get wet....guess I lied.

Beach day!

Anthony & Julie

Janice, Maria and Willa!
April 19, 2010
Went up to Rodanthe today and visited with Jon, Maria, Oscar & Willa, Bart &Betsy and their kids and Anthony and Julie. It was really great to hang out at their rental house with their beautiful pool and tiki bar. Anthony our friend who owns a hip restaurant in West Palm Beach which is getting rave reviews in several magazines made us dinner. It was really great to have a visit with everyone. Jon & Maria will be moving down to the campground later next week.

April 20, 2010
Drove to the airport today to pick up Nancy. I was a little bit nervous to go by myself as I didn’t know my way to the Norfolk Virginia airport, but I was so excited she was coming I knew I would find my way to her. We only have 2 seats in our cargo van, so that is why I had to go myself. It was my little adventure. The weather was good and it took me a little over 3 hours. …Not to bad…… I can’t believe she is here….I am so glad to see her. We had a nice visit on the drive back to the campground.
Nancy, Bob & Joan, Bill & I had a campfire. Nice evening. Nancy is all set up in the trailer with me. We moved Bill out to the van…hehe…

April 21, 2010
Beautiful morning! Nancy and I went for a 15km walk on the beach. It was nice to get caught up with each other. Bill and Kevin went SUPing. We drove to see the lighthouse and found out about the tours you can go on.
It clouded over this afternoon and we just all huddled under our canopy around the fire and visited.
We decided it was a good night to go out to dinner at the gingerbread house for the best pizza! Kevin & Mirella, Janice & Jerry, Bob and Joan and Bill, Nancy and I went. Just as we were having dinner the sun came out and it was still pouring out, but there was the most incredible rainbow right over the gingerbread house.. we all had to go outside in the rain to enjoy it…Another great campfire tonight!

April 22, 2010
Another great morning. Nancy and I decided to do the beach walk again. We got to see some dolphins. We got back to the campground around 12:30 and we packed up a picnic and all went to the ocean for the afternoon. What a perfect beach day…or are they all perfect beach days???? I think Nance is enjoying her visit. Everyone went out kiting and windsurfing in the sound this morning and SUPing in the ocean in the afternoon.
We had grandma DiGioia’s famous spaghetti sauce made by Janice for dinner..what a treat!
We had a real fire tonight…not a propane one.

April 23, 2010
Got up and biked to Hatteras this morning. Nancy enjoyed the ride. We went to the ocean, but there was no surf for the boys. Nance and I just hung out. Nancy tried SUPing. Kevin, Mirela and I all went out SUPing in the sound. This little girl was watching me, so I let her try it…she was so cute.
Bill and I were in charge of dinner tonight. Nice evening. We are expecting rain the next couple of days…

April 24, 2010
Nancy, Bill and I went for a walk to the ocean this morning. It was a little wet. The boys did a down winder on their kites in the ocean and crossed over the highway into the sound. A couple of them went MIA and Jon had to go pick them up.
Went for a little shop with Nancy, Janice and Joan to Hatteras Village. Then Nancy and I went to Avon to do a little laundry at Kevin and Mirela’s and to check out the shopping there.
Jon, Maria, Oscar and Willa moved into a little cabin here today. Oscar was whipping around on his bike and chasing Jerry and Bill everywhere. We had a really nice dinner together and the weather co-operated long enough for us to eat outside.
We did a memorial for Charlie tonight. We each lite a floating candle and let them go out into the water. Bob said a few words about Charlie and thanked him for bringing us all together. It was very moving.

Monday, April 19, 2010

The winners!

ps Lisa the little guy with the stickers reminded me of Cole so much.

Bill taking his bow.

King of the board toss...

Janice had a good toss and got to sit on the throne for a few minutes anyway...

Big winner!


Joan out for her morning stroll!

Deb doing the board toss!


Jerry and Deb at the pig pickin!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 17, 2010

Great weather again. Sunshine and wind. This must be some kind of record!
Went to the gym and did some errands in town.
Janice and Jerry worked their both for part of the day.
Janice and Bill were in charge of the raffle tonight and giving out the prizes. They did a really good job. The cutest part was when Bill saw a little blonde girl in the audience staring big eyed at him on the megaphone and he signaled her to come up to the front and he gave her a windfest t-shirt and she looked so sweet in the giant t-shirt.
We all took our turn at the board toss. Janice was on the throne for awhile, but got beat out. Bill is still the raining champion. Mike Burns where are you?
We went back to the campsite and had a fire with J&J, Bob & Joan and Peter came over.
Great day!

Lucky Luc!
April 16, 2010
Got to wish Lisa a Happy Birthday this morning!!! Miss you guys at crazy, but the time sure is flying by....won't be long and we will be together again!
I decided to play it safe and run on the treadmill today as I am tired of my morning run turning into a scream fest....on the way home I decided to stop at a payphone to call my mom and while I was dialing her...out of the swamp comes this black water snake with its head all raised up at me....what is going on??? Every day but one so far....l finally looked it up in my medicine cards at Jans suggestion and apparently it means I am transforming and shedding my old self...hope I am done soon...
Bob and Joan showed up..always great to see them. They both look fantastic!
Janice had a bit of an adventure today. She broke down about a half mile off shore and spent 45 minutes out there treading water. Her boom popped off her mast and she couldn't get it back on. Peter from the New England Windsurfing Journal saved her...which was fine with her as Peter is just the kind of guy you want to be saved by.... He told her Jerry heard she was in trouble so he went in for a beer.
We all went to the pig pickin together. I have to say the pork was incredible this year.
We also got sent home with an extra cake that was left over..I think because they saw Bill at the dessert table 3 times. Another campfire....beautiful!!!
April 15, 2010

Got up and went for a run and patiently waited for the arrival of Janice and Jerry. We can't wait to see them. In case you are wondering "yes" I did see another snake today on our run!
Finally....they arrive.....yeah!!!! They drove all night. Janice drove the night shift after working a 12 hour shift. She is a toughie! Jerry did the last leg and you will be glad to know Dad I had a cold beer ready for him and some snacks.
We went to the opening ceremonies of windfest tonight which was very nice. Buster, Jerry and Peter each said a word about Charlie and welcomed everyone here. Jerry made a beautiful plaque with a great photo of Charlie and his dog on it from our last time together. There were some appetizers and a little mingling. We came back to our site and had a campfire.
We are so happy the Evans are here!!
The Reid's
ps we miss Kyle and Katrina!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bill and I went for a walk tonight on the beach and I started thinking about our adventure and how it all began…what planted that seed for us and where did our passion for travelling really start happening ….
Bill came to Hatteras by himself in 1997 after being laid off of work for 6 weeks. I stayed back in North Bay in our new home. He came back so excited about meeting his new friends Janice and Jerry, Jon and Maria, Anthony and Charlie. He had lots of stories to tell and told me I just had to meet them all. And that is where it all began….WINDFEST…..I did come with Bill the following year and met everyone including a few more…Kyle and Katrina, Bob and Joan their son Bert and his children & Lucky Luc.
We have been coming back to Hatteras every year since. Not for the weather, not for the wind, but for the great friendships we have formed. We have had windy years, non windy years, cold years, sunny years and you are always guaranteed one good storm with some flooding. It is always funny to watch people arrive at the campground and set up their tents right up front and think they have scored the best spot…only to be woken in the middle of the night to a big wind switch and storm. You find them in the morning with their tent ripped to shreds and maybe some feet hanging out the end , or the one year where people just bailed and threw out all their gear in the dumpster and drove straight back to New York…
We have had the opportunity to travel to many beautiful places since that first year, but if you ask Bill or Jerry what their favorite vacation is….they will always answer Hatteras and from the moment they arrive here they are inseparable.
I had no idea when I met these friends that they would change our world forever. I don’t even know if they are aware of how much….We have had yearly trips to Cape Cod, Jerry and Bill have a yearly trip to Block Island, Janice, Karen and I go to the spa each year. We travelled to Kyle and Katrina’s wedding in Maine, we have met up in Vermont for ski vacations at Jon and Marias and watched them have 2 beautiful children. We got to help Jon with the ski testing in Utah this year for Backcountry Magazine. We have gone skiing in Lake Tahoe at Jim and Karen’s (whom we met through our trips to Cape Cod). We have been inspired by Bob and Joan’s travels in their early 70s and who still tent and have hiked all over the world. We have been through cancer scares together, lost friends and parents, shared laughs and secrets and always hate the good- byes. I remember last year being overcome by emotion when I watched Bill and Jerry hug Bob good-bye and realized at that point how much of a father figure he is to both of them. To watch them all sail together is a real treat. Bob can still fly and does well on the SUP board too. He still referees football games, but gave up basketball about a year or so ago.
I often wonder what would have become of our life had we not met these friends. I honestly don’t believe we would have taken this sabbatical and believed this was all possible had they not believed we could make it happen. It is a real gift to met people who share your passions and encourage you to follow your dreams. People who really understand you. You just wish you could have them in your life the whole year, (ok maybe Bill and Jerry together the whole year would be a bit much) but maybe that is what makes our time together so extra special. We love getting phone calls from each other and the odd note in the mail and I think we all count the days until we are together again.
We lost our dear friend Charlie last fall and this year we will be celebrating Charlie’s life and his vision of making Windfest a yearly event and for giving us such a beautiful gift of lifetime friendships. We miss you Charlie!
April 12, 2010
Bill and I spent most of the day in Nags Head shopping and went out for a nice lunch. We went for a stand up paddle when we got back and a walk at the ocean. The weather continues to be fantastic. Not much wind the past couple of days, but looks like it will come back in time for Janice and Jerry's arrival.
April 13, 2010
Got up and went for a run together. Ran some errands and then Kevin (Bills brother) and Mirela showed up and we hung out for the day at the campground. Mirela and I did a little stand up paddle together. Kevin treated us to a nice dinner...nice evening.
April 14, 2010
Took Mirela shopping in Nag's Head and she had a very successful shop! Set her up with a nice new wardrobe...It was fun! Bill and Kevin sailed all day.....very windy! Went out to dinner with Kevin and Mirela and a gang from the campground.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 9, 2010

Had a bit of a storm during the night of the 9th and the morning of the 10th. Bill got up at around 3:00am to baton down the hatches because it sounded like one of the famous Hatteras flood storms, but we were ok. J&J your site is a little flooded, but looks much better today.

Bill met up with Mike Burns yesterday and sailed for a couple of hours 4.2 day.

I checked out some of the shops, got a hair cut by a girl completely covered in body art..yikes... I joined the gym. We went for a walk at the ocean last night for sunset. The weather really has been terrific since we got here.

April 10, 2010
This morning we went for a run together and then just hung out at the campground for most of the afternoon then we went in to town for a bit and I went to the gym.

Bill went out for a little stand up wind today...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

April 7, 2010

Another perfect day in Hatteras. High 70s and southwest winds. Only thing missing the Evans, Youngs and Spruces...

Bill and I had a nice run this morning through the Oceanside Campground. Only came across 1 big snake...I didn't see it, but Bill jumped so I let out a bloood curdling scream....What is it with the damn snakes in this place...I will be running down the middle of the road tomorrow when I am by myself.

Did a few shops today, but waiting for my shopping buddy to arrive before I see them all.

We haven't hit the Orange Blossom (bakery) yet, but hope to tomorrow for an apple ugly.

I am booked in at the spa for a hair cut at 1:00 tomorrow. YIKES...haven't had a cut since December 3 and I usually go every 4 weeks. Chloe is her name...sorry to cheat Ron.....

Well better run Bill wants to play cards....storm moving in for tonight and tomorrow...

PS CA can you send me an email so I have your address I lost it.....Thanks...How are things on the Street?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 3-6
5 days, 6 states.....We arrived in Hatteras around noon. It is warm and windy....We are usually the last ones here out of our group.....not this year!!! Someone is in our spot until we are just hanging out, swinging in the hammock...Wish you were here Jan....Bill is riggin up and missing you Jer.....Do you know when Kyle, Katrina, Bob and Joan are coming?

When we left Colorado it was about minus 5 and yesterday it was 35 in some spots...careful what you wish for....Had to have a cold shower last night to fall asleep.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 3, 2010
Blew thru Kansas.....into Missouri.........Had mostly sunshine today, but still a cold wind..
Hope everyone is enjoying their Easter with family.
April 2, 2010
Thank you for all the Birthday Wishes!
We were going to go to Aspen for the day, but the roads did not look good and we decided it might be a better idea to make a run for it over Vail pass while the sun popped out. It looks like more snow to come in Colorado over the next couple of days and Hatteras is calling. It was quite cold today….I hear it is 25C at home….I can’t believe we are this far South and you are getting better weather than us.
We stopped and had a nice dinner and double dessert. We also treated ourselves to a hotel (it is more about the hot shower for me)....Have you ever been to Kansas???Yikes….
Not much to see in Kansas except maybe a tornado....Dorothy??
Happy Easter!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Uncle Sonny & Aunt Denise:
Every year I look for a sign... As I was enjoying the hot springs and making my way to the end of the pool for some private time I looked up into the mountains and was blown away by the most beautiful lit cross with a bright red sky behind it…incredible…we then drove to the empty parking lot we had spotted earlier in the day to sleep and when we opened the door we were directly under the lit cross…which I was told is only lit for Christmas and Easter…..There was my sign. We have thought of Greg so often on this trip…….Thinking of you and hope you had a nice trip home…so sorry we missed you in Cali, but we got tied up in Utah…maybe we can stop and see you on our way home in June…

Hike at Arches National Park
April 1, 2010
Got up and went mountain biking at Slick Rock…That was my first time mountain biking on rock. At home we are used to single track stuff through the bush….not that I am an outstanding mountain biker by any means… I prefer road riding (unlike Bill who loves to fly through the bush.)
It was about 3 degrees with howling winds which made things interesting. I think the weather is usually a little warmer this time of year in Moab, so we decided to keep trucking. We got about 15 minutes out of Moab and it started snowing and blowing.
We stopped at an information booth and asked about the road conditions as we had heard of a 40-50 car pile up on Vail Pass. The two little elderly ladies working there were very helpful and told us maybe we should just spend the night in Glenwood Springs and enjoy the hot springs. They told us there were some beautiful hotels, but to be honest we are so comfortable in our trailer I don’t feel the need to get a hotel.
We went out for a nice dinner at an Italian Restaurant and hung out at the hot springs for awhile with about 1,000 of our closest friends..hehe…It was 2 city blocks long and very busy considering it is Easter weekend!