Saturday, January 30, 2010

Exploring the Beaches from La Jolla to Leo Carrillo and beyond...they still talk about Donny and how he was a good bowler.


  1. Bill and Deb..
    We had a very winter like weekend here in the Bay . Saturday am it was -32 when I got to Nordic . I worked on some skis and went out when the temp hit - 25 . Did 30 km and this morning ..Sunday it was mild , - 13 so I got in another 25 km . Hope to ski a lot this week . Nice to hear the weather has turned for you . Have a great beach vacation . Coach ..

  2. By now I am sure you have heard from Sam & Barb. They made it! Got into the Condo a day early and Sam is already burnt. That's what happens when you face the East and can get out of the wind! All good here...For Niagara it has been quite cool and expecting snow for tomorrow...Enjoy your whining about the rain..we can't get in the friggn water..hahahahah...Remember what Gramma Lila always said..."anytime is train time" Keep a lookout! Love B&C