Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January 31, 2010
We finally caught up to Janice and Jerry today. They enjoyed their time in Mexico and were following the weather wondering if we were going to make it right down to the last minute. Hope you had a very Happy Birthday Janice!! It was so great to talk to you guys...we really miss you. I am glad you enjoyed your vacation!
Bill got some more surfing in today. He is getting lots of time in the water. I enjoyed a nice run along the beach. The temperatures have been perfect for running and biking and the paths are much less busy during the week which is nice. We went for an evening walk around the harbour to check out the big boats. I agree with your email Karen..the only way we will ever get on yachts like that is if we are the cleaning crew...wow!! We have been enjoying camp fires at night and watching the waves crash on shore...amazing...lots of stars...we have even seen some brilliant shooting stars.

Feb 1, 2010
My parents made it to Myrtle Beach and are enjoyed sunshine their first day which they both need to heal their colds....They sound good...happy to be out of the cold.

I went on the stand up board in the ocean today and we went all the way into the harbour for a closer look at the yachts. There were some big rollers out there and I had to kneel on my board a bit to keep my balance and calm my motion sickness down...too funny....I got a little more confident the more time we were out there. We came back in and I made it to shore and Bill was surfing and waving me to come out as the waves were clean and pretty small...I stood there and fought with myself for about 10 minutes and then thought it is now or never as there was only 5 people our there. I found out later that one of the surfers was a legendary (old school)longboarder John M....he was amazing to watch the way he walked up and down his surf board and was so graceful....I surfed the waves on the stand up board. Bill said I looked like I was playing the air guitar as I didn't know what to do with my paddle..hehe...I only had one wipeout and didn't get worked which was good....Came back and went for a bike ride to San Clemente.....I was pretty stoked about catching some waves. I might just go back out today....

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  1. Now don't you start getting lonely! You just engage # one! All good here other then cold weather (not so much snow here). All good carry on...B&C