Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 7, 2010
Got up this morning and hit the road around 9:00. The drive was very pretty up the coast. The traffic and people are starting to mellow out which is nice. The coast keeps changing its appearance. We stopped in Ventura and Bill went windsurfing. Jerry…we ran into Glenn Dubock and Kevin MacGillvrey. Glenn told us we should head up to Jalama that it looks like Ireland up there. He is the second person to say this to us, so we might have to stop and check that out.
Drove through Santa Barbara, it was absolutely beautiful! The mountains are just so pretty. Stopped at El Capitan State Park. It was kind of late in the day so we just walked the beach and took some photos of the surfers that were out. We have a nice campsite with a little section out front to set up chairs or the hammock on a cliff that looks out over the ocean. We had a nice campfire and took a walk out near the ocean once it got real dark. We spent some time just checking out the stars seeing what we could find. You could really hear the waves during the night which was nice.

February 8, 2010
Got up and went down to the beach while Bill surfed I took some photos. We went for a good hike today. It was on the opposite side of the Hwy from us. It was a pretty good climb. Of course when we stopped at the trailhead I was checking out all the articles they had posted and you guessed Mary I have to know ARE THERE SNAKES HERE…..NEVER MIND THAT THEY HAVE A WARNING AND INSTRUCTIONS ON WHAT TO DO IF YOU ENCOUNTER A MOUNTAIN LION…I AM STILL STUCK IN OUR FRENCH RIVER SNAKEMARE..Ok…….it says the rattlesnakes hibernate for about 6 months, so I am feeling pretty good about that until I reach the part that says if you come across a snake den there are usually about 100 snakes together… I have a visual… and flashbacks of our encounter with a snake nest and what can happen if you disturb it. I managed to let it go somewhere along the hike, but didn’t like that I could not always see my feet…
I also did a little body bar workout back at our campsite overlooking the ocean and just sat and enjoyed the scenery for a bit and then Bill and I drove to Refugio State Park and Bill went for a little sunset surf.
Mark a man that Bill met at the beach this morning stopped by our campsite to have a look at the photos I took as I got a couple of him. He told us that him and his son who is 31 took a month off and are travelling the entire California coast surfing together. I thought this was very special that a father would do this with his son….and I am sure they will make some great memories together! We might hook up with them again later as we are hitting some of the same campgrounds.
Talked to mom and dad tonight and they sound like they are having a good time!

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