Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 3, 2010
Another great day at Doheny Beach Park. Went out for an early morning SUP and rode the waves with the 3 old guys that go out most mornings. I got dunked once pretty good....but the important thing is that I didn't run for the beach I shook it off and went back at it. It is so fasincating to watch these (old) guys surf. John Moritz was out again today and he was doing spins on his!!

Bill did good at San Onofre...the waves were pretty big there...

Shannon it was so great talking to you the other night. I thought it was so cute that Nico makes you builds tents and calls my name. He must understand that we are camping eh? I forgot to tell you that Dana Point was home to surf legends like Hobie Alter and Endless Summer filmaker Bruce Brown and most importantly the surf spot memorialized in the Beach Boys hit Surfin USA...remember we used to listen to your moms old Beach Boys records over and over....

I think we are going to head up the coast tomorrow and look for a campground close to LA so that we can catch the metro in and have a look around.

Jon...Let us know how Maria makes out. The big O will be excited to have a sibling. Bill is reading Backcountry in Starbucks right now while I work on our blog. We finally saw your other magazine in Oregon at an REI, it is really nice looking...

Sonny & Denise....we were going to wait and see/visit with you guys when we do the Arizona part of the trip...does that work for you guys? We figured you were closer that way when we looked at the map. I will give you a call in the next couple of days when I can get to a payphone!



  1. Hi Autie Debbie and Uncle Billy, we were really excited to hear from you the other night too. We sure miss you. Thanks for sending me a picture of your camper. I've been telling him that you guy's are camping but I don't think he quite knows what I'm talking about. Deb our email address at home is and my work email is Deb, do you remember we were listening to the Beach Boys while painting those stupid wooden deers for my mom and I think they looked more like dogs rather than deer. Too funny. Sounds like the weather is better. Good thing. Really enjoying the pictures. Have a good sleep. Talk to you soon. Nico, mommy and daddy...

  2. Hi Debbie

    I am so proud of you! You're actually surfing! Make sure you get some pictures.
    Miss you but glad to read your blog and hear everything you're doing.

  3. Yes, Yes the Dude.'s a long race....we are all quite sure that you will be out-surfing Bill within 2 years.

    I have been following, but now you have lured me into the open. Keep going, the rest of us are just mired in our day to bring us great joy to lve vicariously thru your travels..spillane