Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bill and I were trying to name the things we missed about home as we sat around the fire and this is my top 10 list...not necessarily in any order...

*Family/Friends/Co-workers....SO TRUE...
*Interaction with people/conversation (other than with Bill who now considers himself an intellect after reading his first book.)
*Hot baths/showers that don't cost .25 cents for 2 minutes and always run out of water right after you are all lathered up
*Being able to call my friends whenever I want as most of the phone booths no longer have pay phones in them and I don't have access to my email unless I am at Starbucks (which now I have another addition to deal with).
*Weekly work outs with Michel(aka Coach)...although running on the beach checking out the surfers is not so bad....
*Ron/Hairstylist..although figure if I only get one cut while I am away I can afford one on rodeo drive.
*High heels.....but I do occasionally slip my foot in a pair of great shoes in some great shops.
*Routine....but I don't routinely miss this...hehe..
*Space..not really a problem as I have the worlds largest swimming pool in my backyard and spend 80% of my time outside...with an incredible view, campfires, stars, moonlight...
*Nicos hugs and kisses....irreplaceable....sure to make Shannon cry..
Seriously......I guess the most important thing is my family and friends....
Miss you!


  1. Deb, nice work on the SUP.....catching a few rides nonetheless!

    No baby here yet! Anyday.....Maria was due yesterday.

    What is the Hatteras plan?

  2. Deb
    Glad to hear you have found the good weather . I remember the beautiful star lit nites on Newport Beach in Oregon ..We miss your smile and good nature as well . Enjoy the sun and surf . Coach

  3. Finally some nice weather. We are still getting cool days. Soon my tan will be gone. Time is going fast. Another month and we leave Texas. Temagami is finally frozen over. Crazy winter. Lots more good times for you both.Mom R

  4. were are you staying call us if you want a visit

  5. We all miss you here at work too. That's great that you got out surfing, what an experience that would be. Things here are good, wish it was a little warmer but I guess that is what winter is all about. I finally did 5k on the treadmill, I felt great after.
    Enjoy reading about your adventures, looking forward to reading more.
    Take care,

  6. Hi
    It was great talking to you last night!! Everything is great here at the house.
    Had a call this morning from Bill's dentist they have changed his appointment to July 20 at 12. Told them to call back around July 15th to remind him.
    Have fun
    Love Carrie Ann