Saturday, February 6, 2010

Feb 4, 2010 sure is hard to leave Doheny Park as we have the perfect spot right on the ocean,great biking and running right from our site, but I am sure there is more to see and equally beautiful camping spots out there...It seems to take us a couple of days to find our way around and then it is time to leave again..

We drove up Hwy 1 and it was a very beautiful drive. Laguna Beach is very stunning. The shops, houses, ocean color and flowers are so colorful. We drove by Venice Beach, but couldn't score any parking since we had the trailer. We arrived in Malibu mid afternoon and checked out 2 state parks that were totally empty and we were a little concerned about staying there as we knew we would be leaving our trailer alone to drive into we checked into the only Malibu RV park and it is pretty nice. We are up on a cliff with a nice view of the ocean.

We went for an evening walk down the Santa Monica Pier which was pretty. It was fairly quiet as it was a week night. We decided we needed a bite to eat, so we stopped at a McDonald's a mile down the road from our camp ground and there was nobody there except us and 2 young guys and in walks Billy F.Gibbons, he was a little hard to recognize as he has a beard now. Deb didn't believe me that it was him but I know Billy when I see him. He recognized us but gave us our personal space and didn't ask for our picture or autograph. I think he was pretty excited to see us... he's probably at home blogging about his experience right now. Oh, by the way I had the quater pounder combo and he had a shake.

We know there are some stars homes right out in front of where we are, but Bill says we will never get to see them....The houses are just so massive...I can't believe it. You can tell where the stars live as you can't even get a peek over their fences, gates etc...

February 5, 2010
Got up this morning and headed to LA. I was surprised the traffic wasn't too bad..we expected worse from what everyone had told us. We drove down Sunset Blvd, through Brentwood and Beverly Hills, the houses were ginormous. We found parking pretty easy a block from RODEO DRIVE...Oh....I was so excited.....You all know I am the queen of bargins, but today was all about real!! I went into Gucci,Prada, Louis Vuitton, YSL, Cartier, Tiffany's, D&G, Judith Leiber which you have to google to believe the incredible hand crafted crystal bags....I guess all the stars carried them at the Grammy's...they were so beautiful even Bill thought they were cool...and I got to touch my first pair of Jimmy Choo' can still feel them.

A guys point of view of rodeo drive.... kinda gay.

Then we went to Hollywood Blvd and walked down the Street. I stopped at MJs walk of fame star just for you Shannon. I know wacko-jacko....but man could he dance!!!! I will never forget seeing him in 1984 at age 14....Remember 1984 victory tour Shannon?....

We also saw some of the wax museums. I had a ton of fun today and am thankful that Bill was so patient with me as I ran in and out of all the stores..

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    So glad you took the picture of MJ's star if Shannon doesn't remember the 84 tour I do. So much fun!!
    Love reading every day!!
    Love Carrie Ann