Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 9, 2010

Got up organized-hit the was a day to get organized with gas, propane, groceries and we are heading to Jalama County Park (Ireland). On the drive I just could not believe all the GREEN beautiful rolling definately made both Bill and I think of Ireland. It was so cool.

It was kind of late by the time we got all set up, so we just had time to walk along the beach which was very pretty with high cliffs and rocky shore. Great for exploring.

We played cards tonight for the first time on this adventure and mom you are never going to believe it...I beat Bill (and you are right he trys to cheat with the rules). If anybody out there has heard about the 5 of diamonds in crazy eights let me know...I have never heard of this....

Final score Deb 10 Bill 9....rematch set for later in the week...

February 10, 2010

Today we went on the most beautiful bike ride I have ever been on through those green hills. I am amazed at the beauty. Michel you would soooo love this ride. It was a BIG climb, but the payoff was incredible! 8km downhill. Bill kept telling me don't break at all and you will make it up the next hill....too scary...too much speed for me. When we got back to the park the ranger talked to us for awhile and I told him that was the best bike ride I have ever been on and he said "yeh well I hope you were carefull a lot of people eat shit on that road..I have seen guys been flown out of here before" and I thought to myself have you ever seen anybody ride the downhill with no hands arms straight out flying like a bird.....because I have and screamed at him the whole way to stop doing that!!!

We got back to the campground had a good lunch and found a nice sunny spot to relax for a bit and listen to the was too messy for Bill to surf and not quite windy enough to windsurf or kite...We walked the beach again and just explored...we saw lots of starfish, clams, and believe it or not this beach is known for tar bubbling up from the ocean...kind of weird eh? What do you think Ted?

Feb 11, 2010
Got up and did the ride much fun! Bill got out for a little SUP and then we packed up and headed out. The drive was very pretty. We got stopped by a police officier on the way out the road who told us to be careful as a cow got out and was standing on the middle of the road and sure enough we saw him. It was so peaceful at Jalama we hated to leave..but more to see!

We drove to Pismo Beach and we will see what tommorrow brings....


  1. This adventure is taking you guys to some beautiful spots! And those hills do look like Ireland..Expecting snow here and I believe they are calling for snow showers in the Carolina's! safe...Carry On,..B&C

  2. HI
    Sorry to miss your call Wed. night. Everything is good here. Grandma is enjoying herself even though BH is lock in because of the flu.
    I start my first nights next week so it should be interesting.
    Talk soon
    Carrie Ann

  3. Hi if you are still in California give us a call we are always looking for a place to visit

  4. Absolutely beautiful place Deb. Thanks for the pictures. Travel safe.