Sunday, December 27, 2009

Look at me go!


  1. Hi Deb & Bill
    Nice to hear you made it! Love the pictures, it's great to be able to follow you guys. Mariah and Cole just wanted to say thanks so much for their gifts, they love them. Miss you lots!!! Enjoy!
    Lisa,Rusty,Mariah & Cole

  2. Hey There,
    Glad to hear that you made it safe and sound. I am really enjoying reading all of your posts, I am looking forward to reading more as your adventure continues.
    Miss you here at work Deb!!!
    Take care and enjoy.


  3. Hi Deb and Bill...didn't get to say adios but we wish you both a fabulous safe adventure and time of your lives. It is now NEW YEARS EVE so all the best to you both for 2010! We really enjoy viewing your blog and with envy! Love ya, Mary and Jack

  4. Hey ..Happy New Year to you both.
    And thank you so much Deb for the beautiful Journal . Your Dad and I are comparing stories at the gym. He is looking good and going strong. Must be where you get it from.
    Best wishes to you both for a healthy and happy 2010
    Nance C

  5. Happy New Year !!!
    Just love reading your blog.....sure entertaining !!! You sure don't get that sort of adventure from a 5 star resort ... hehe !!

    Safe travels,

  6. Hi
    Thanks for the Journal I am using it already!!
    Had a great time a the wedding, everything was really nice.
    House is fine!!
    Talk to you soon
    Love Carrie Ann

  7. Hi guys
    Sounds like an awesome adventure so far.
    Happy New Year.

    Love Caron

  8. What a adventure!