Saturday, December 19, 2009 it took us a little longer to pack than we anticipated...6 days to be exact. I think it was all worth it as we are feeling very organized and know exactly where everything is. We also decided to prepare a weeks worth of food which was a great idea.

I have to say the good-byes were harder than I thought they would be. Both with my co-workers and family.....I think Shannon and I did our good-byes 4 times and it got harder each time...Happy 2nd Birthday to Nico tomorrow!!

Yesterday when we left North Bay it was minus 20 and beautiful sunshine. It started clouding over around Sudbury and then the temperature started climbing. We reached Sault Ste Marie around 2:30 and it was zero. The driving was good, but slow. We pulled over at a Casino in Northern Michigan which was funny. We asked if we could park there for the night and the manager said sure and gave us each $10.00 worth of tokens to spend. Bill's first gambling experience...we walked out of there with $ place to stay and we made $12.50.

Today we hit the road around 8:00 and drove pretty much accross Wisconsin. It was slow single lane highway, but very pretty. Bill wanted to mention we saw a lady doing groceries in Wal-mart and buying a gun case at the same time...only in Amercia!!!

We haven't been cold during the night at all.....blankets are working great Josie.

The weather looks good again tomorrow...must be my lucky Saint Christoper medal.

We are heading towards Mount Rushmore tomorrow.

Talk to you soon!


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