Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 22 afternoon

enjoyed the drive through hwy 16 and 385 to Spearfish SD. It was clear for about an hour and a half which was great. The first clear weather driving we have had since we left. Oops spoke too soon here comes the bad fog again...can't see a darn thing.

We are close to Wyoming......when I flipped the map page to Wyoming and looked on it to locate where Greg had lived the sun came out so brilliantly and we could see so far and such beauty.....I was so overcome by emotion and felt Greg's presence so strong that it took my breath and away and I couldn't talk for quite some time. I guess I wondered what it was like for him living here.
It is so strange that we can drive for miles and miles and not see any cars. I feel as though we are out here all by ourselves. Clear for another hour or so which was a real treat. We figure we have only had good driving for about 3 hours since we left last Friday. Thick fog, blowing snow moved in and we stopped for the night in Sheridan Wyoming....discovered that the cover over our propane and batteries blew off somewhere...we will have to do some repairs....also the GPS we bought is not working....yikes.....I guess we should have bought the cheap one instead of the $400 one....oh a light problem too....oh yeah and we lost the brakes to our trailer coming down from Mount Rushmore.....I guess this was a challanging day...goodnight!
PS xmas package still didn't show up...anyone want to help me with that?

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