Saturday, December 26, 2009

what a day!!!

December 26
We had a great nights sleep last night after a stroll around town checking out the Christmas lights. Nanton is a cute little town.
We got organized late morning and headed to Kananaskis to do some cc skiing. The conditions were pretty good, beautiful blue sky and about minus 5. Payton skiied by herself for a little bit (only 3 year-old that I know that can cc ski) then she went into the chariott and loved the down hill...she kept yelling for Uncle Billy to go faster!!
Then she went for her first skate with real skates and did really well.

We had dinner and some little dancing in the kitchen.

I guess Bill thinks he is a cowboy now.

We are heading out to do some camping and skiing over the next couple of days.

We will get to see Ted in the next week also. I will call him tomorrow.

Nice talking to you tonight J& J...Hope you are enjoying your time with family.


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  1. I love the big hat!!! Sam Elliot style. Did you drink a good sarsaparilla with it on?