Friday, December 25, 2009

we made it!!

December 25

Finally clear sailing. We got up at 5:00a.m leaving from Helena Montana an arrived here in Nanton Alberta at around 1:45pm It was so great to see Steph, Lou and Payton. Lou had shovelled a nice spot for our rv to be parked. Steph looks so great and healthy pregnant. Payton was excited to see us and certainly remembered us. We had a nice afternoon visit and watched Payton open her gifts. She got some beautiful princess dresses, books and Auntie Debbie brought her some real make-up which she has done a great job of applying on everyone....Bill and I had a big parcel here from Janice and Jerry which was really nice. We enjoyed having something to open and reading the beautiful cards Jan sent us. Thank you so much J& spoil us. We miss you guys and will call you tomorrow.

We took Payton for a walk in the Chariot and sledding. We are just so happy to be here.!

Talked to mom, dad, nancy, carrie ann and grandma. They were all waiting for Charle to get in at 8:00 tonight.

Hope everyone enjoyed their day!

Merry Christmas!


Deb & Bill


  1. So glad you made it. We have been at the edge of our seats with your adventures.
    Perfect Christmas gift to arrive on the 25th. My North Face is my new favorite ..thanks for everything. Stay put a few days!

  2. Great to hear you made it safe and sound. Really enjoying reading about your adventure you will have wonderful memories of your trip if the first week is any indication of the rest. Great talking to you today. enjoy your time in Calgary Love Nancy

  3. Just thought I would catch up on your adventure today as I had missed a few days. It sounds like quite the adventure...trip of a life time I suppose. Glad to hear you made it to Alberta for Christmas. I'm sure your parents are missing you this season.
    Where are you heading after Alberta...B.C.? We would love to see you guys, but understand if it's not on the agenda. Have a great trip and I'll keep reading...lots of love Leslie (and Chris)

  4. Glad your safe and enjoying yourselves. Merry Christmas to you both!!!
    Carole xo