Saturday, March 6, 2010

March 4, 2010
Another blue sky day!! We got up and went to Kirkwood. Jim had an early photo/video shoot so Bill and I just had a hot drink and waited up there until the lift opened at 9:00. The skiing was amazing 18-24 inchs of fresh snow with blue sky. I decided after a few runs to hop on the expert only lift and go up and do a double black diamond before it got all messy up there. I choose the wall to ski....I didn't jump off the cornice to get in, but I made my way in the way I do and went for it. I thought if I start cartwheeling down the mountain there is enough snow to stop me and it should be a soft landing....turns out it went pretty good. Bill and I found a few little secret spots to hike that still had fresh snow near the end of the day.

We were invited to Karen's parents tonight for dinner which was really nice. I guess they have a family dinner every Thursday night. Chuck & Jan were so good to us. We also got to meet Karens brother Steve, his wife and their adorable son Ryan who is 5. Ryan whispered to his Grandma "can we have candles on the table because we have special friends here?" was such a nice evening. We had a hottub and lovely meal and even got some treats to bring home with us. I just wish Karen was here!!!!

What a day! We love it here!!
Deb & Bill

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  1. Wanted to wish you and Bill a happy anniversary, its hard to believe 11 years. Have a great day

    Love Nancy