Friday, March 26, 2010

March 25, 2010
More ski testing.....we are having so much fun and meeting some great people.

Check out Backcountry Magazine's website and see Bill's interview!



  1. From Backcountry Magazine..

    Name: Bill Reid
    Age: A young 41
    Height: A tall 5'9"
    Weight: A perfect 170 pounds of fine Canadian back bacon.
    Location: North Bay, Ontario, Canada
    Ski Style (AT/Tele): Alpineer
    Home Mountain: Laurentian, a closed ski hill that's great for skinning and just five minutes from our house.
    Job: Normally I'm an engineer in the mining industry.
    Years Testing for Backcountry: One. I begged Jon Howard to let me come.
    Fun Fact: I've been building skis for about five or six years out of my garage. They're just for family and friends, and I call them BRD (Bill Reid Designs). It all started when I began building surfboards, then one thing led to another. Though building your own skis can be fun and cheaper in terms of materials, timewise it would be smarter just to get a second job.

  2. So glad you made it down. Debbie, Bill is a chip off the block. I had to run along side a moving car and try to get in so we wouldn't get stuck. Dad is better tonight. Slow progress. Dr. Cowan will be back tomorrow. I am getting good meals and sleep at Jan & Phils. Have a Happy birthday Deb if I don't connect before. Love you two. Mom Reid