Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March 3, 2010
Good snow day! We hiked at Waterhouse. The conditions were really in the powder!
The climb was a little grueling for me..I wouldn't recommend climbing up to 9200 feet with beats you up...but it was so worth it...the guys were patient and gave me a couple breaks on the way up(very nice of them as I know they were itching to get to the top and ski). It was blowing pretty good up top, but we found some shelter in the tress and managed to get our skins off and get organized for the ski down. I so love that weightless feeling you get when the snow is like this.
Bill and I had a little break and some lunch and then broke some new trail right from the house. It was snowing the whole day here..should make for a good day tomorrow too. We might go back to Kirkwood for the morning and then try Waterhouse again in the afternoon.

Nice to talk to my parents last night and know they are having a good visit with Gerry and Lorne and the twins..what a nice surprise for them!


  1. Hi Debbie,
    The pictures are so beautiful. I'm happy to hear that you are back on your feet (or ski's).
    We are starting to get spring like weather here. It's so nice to have some sun...Bill sure looks as if he's had lots of it !!
    Another 2 months to wait for my trip and can't wait.

    Take care.

  2. Glad Jimbo is showing you guys the goods. Enjoy the pow and say hi to Jim for us. All is well with the baby.

    Johnny Boy

  3. Hi Deb: Glad you are starting to feel better. I absolutely love the stories and the fact, it is the highlight of my evening! We are doing Ok at work and at home, just awaiting word on Roger's placement but have to say that life is much different for us now.
    Thank you for the postcard. Take care and keep the stories coming....I am so jealous! Wanda

  4. Well Deb, now I know the truth, Michael Jackson is alive and in North Bay, sorry you missed him this time. Just got back from his concert at the Arts Centre - not bad - a bit bigger and not as tall but did a good moon walk. There was a young ladd dancing in the aisles that reminded me of Greg dancing at Jack & Mary's wedding. What an evening!

    By the sound of the comments posted, secretly we are all a little glad you were under the weather and had some time to send us all a postcard. I love getting mail that is not bills or junk mail, thanks.

    The pictures are wonderful, I cannot believe Karen is not out there with Jim. Glad he is taking good care of you both and keeping Bill entertained while you were under the weather.

    We have just had two of the most beautiful spring days, today I drove home from Sudbury with the sun roof open on my car and finally had to close it as it was too hot with the sun.

    Looking forward to having your Mom and Dad home I guess they should be here any day now.

    We are starting to work saturdays tomorrow, not looking forward to it but I guess it is only for 2 months.

    Take care and keep the pictures and adventures coming.

    Love Nancy