Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ok….I knew it was going to happen sooner or later….I am homesick..

It came without warning and hit me like a ton of bricks with this physical pain and pressure in my chest that just won’t lift. I am very torn as I miss my family and friends terribly, but at the same time I am having so much fun with my friends here and I am surrounded by such beauty that part of me wants to stay. Janice said at dinner last night “I am so glad you are still here Deb it is like having a sister here!”
We have done so much together. We have enjoyed boat rides and beach time. We have visited with other friends and enjoyed meals together. We have walked together, ran together, had some shopping therapy together (I have my best shops with Janice and always feel completely giddy when we are done)…we have cleaned out closets (and I thought I had a lot of shoes…OMG) , we have watched girl movies, shared secrets and watched our guys with amazement as they buzz about and bring this energy into the house that sometimes is too much for us…
Bill and I just can’t imagine our lives without the Evans in it!!!
I have tried to keep myself busy this week with lots of walks and runs, but I am beginning to realize it is not something I can outrun. It is time to go home. …
Bill and I can’t believe the time is coming to an end, but we both agree that we are ready to make our way home and we will both be happy to return to our jobs. We are so lucky to be surrounded by family, friends, co-workers and bosses who understand our passion and wished us nothing but the best on this adventure.

We did not choose these friends that fill our life….life chose them for us….what a gift!!


  1. Well Deb the house is waiting for you and we are all missing you. Though I for one will miss reading you latest issue of the great adventure.
    Love and safe travells Love CA

  2. With tears in my eyes. I continue to read. I understand how you must feel, we are all enjoying reading about your adventures admiring what the two of you have done are doing, the friends you have made but missing you. We look forward to having you back.
    Travel safe, don't forget to stop at Spa Eastman.

    Love Nancy

  3. Safe trip home... Home... that is why you miss it - there is nothing like it :-) I know you know you are missed too. It has been so fun to follow your journey - especially your 'spiritual' one.