Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Great visit!!
Thanks for the visit Rod, Ali, Rory & Taryn
Thanks for the visit Jane, Nolan, Keenan & Ethan
It was so nice of you all to make the drive!!
I have some great shots of the twins, but unfortunately I can't share them as they are all nudies from their dip in the pool...hehe...

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  1. Imagine someone being so excited to just get "home" but took the time for a wonderful visit, we will NOT wait this long before we get together again. Thank you Bill and Deb, we so appreciated the blog, the adventures that we all felt we participated in, the pictures were so good and made me feel like I was also part of the journey. Deb, don't let your writing stop, you have a gift and you must share it.
    Until the next hook-up of the trailer and the packing of the gear keep your outlook as it is today and enjoy your "home"