Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 14, 2010
Our last day in Hatteras.
We arrived on the island April 6 and this has been the best Hatteras weather we have ever experienced in all our years of coming here. We had a few thunderstorms during the night, only had 1 day of rain and a few cloudy days. The temperatures have been in the high 60s to the mid 80s. The wind gods have been good to Bill. He has been in the water 37 out of 38 days....(the missing day when I dragged him to Ocracoke)....I think this quote I read somewhere on my travels rings true to our days on the island....

One perfect day can give clues to a more perfect life....

This is so true. You know when you have those days that are just so perfect you don't want them to end....Everything just feels right. The weather is sunny and warms your heart. The beaches are virtually empty with the exception of a few fishermen. There are miles of golden sandy beaches to be walked and plenty of shells to pick. The wind is blowing out of the Southwest (good direction for Bill) and the sounds is full of colorful sails and kites swirling in the air. The people you come in contact with all smile and invite conversation. Our last sunset is pleasing, the evening sky is clear and the stars are magical.
I give thanks for our lengthy stay on the island and look out to the stars to make wishes for both family and friends (maybe 1 for myself too).


  1. Save travels on the last leg of your adventure.

    Love Nancy

  2. Deb..Already on the down side of May . Hard to believe . We are getting warm sunny days and mild nights , will be swimming in 4MileLk soon . Be safe on the next adventure in your epic journey . Coach